Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Cycle Storage Developments At Manningtree

Following on from a number of thefts and incidents of vandalism in the cycle storage area at the station a number of initiatives are underway to improve the situation.

Recently NXEA, in conjunction with British Transport Police (BTP), have moved one of the CCTV cameras to give a better view of the entrance / exit of the area and the main section of cycle storage.

NXEA have some new stands to replace the 'toast rack' types that have been damaged as it seems to be the case that the racks are being vandalised to gain access to cycles. They hope to have these installed by the end of the November at the latest. This will also prevent motorbikes from parking under the cycle shelters.

Unfortunately it was not possible to extend the cycle area this year due to budget constraints but NXEA have ensured it is included in next year's cycle improvements so the storage area can be extended.

NXEA did have a cycle initiative planned for Manningtree (to hand out free bike transponders and advice with BTP) but sadly this was cancelled due to the recent planned driver industrial action. They do still plan to hold this event but need to coordinate the BTP and others to ensure it can go ahead.

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