Friday, 5 March 2010

Norwich in 90

There has been much coverage in the media about a campaign being backed by MPs, councils and local businesses in Norfolk called Norwich in 90. This campaign sets out to see journey times between London and Norwich reduced to 90 minutes.

The MRUA recognises that there are probably three ways that this can be done, as follows:
  • Improvements to the rail infrastructure to allow for faster running of services.
  • Introduction of new trains with better acceleration and braking characteristics specifically designed for the length of journey and stopping patterns.
  • A reduction in the number of stops made by London - Norwich services.
The MRUA happily supports the idea of improving the rail infrastructure and introducing new trains better suited to this route. Such improvements would benefit all passengers who use the London to Norwich services. However, in reducing the number of stops there is a danger that Manningtree, along with Colchester and Chelmsford, could see some Norwich services no longer stopping at these stations.

In light of the growing publicity surrounding the Norwich in 90 campaign - which enjoys the full backing of Norfolk County Council - the MRUA has written to Essex County Council requesting information on what they will be doing to safeguard the Inter City services currently calling at Manningtree.

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