Saturday, 10 July 2010

National Express East Anglia's Ageing Trains

In the National Rail Trends survey issued by the Office of Rail Regulation, the train fleet run by National Express East Anglia (NXEA) is noted as having an average age of 24.95 years old. These figures put the NXEA fleet third from bottom in the national rankings behind Merseyrail (31.25 years) and the Island Line which has an average age of 71.25 years! (The Island Line runs on the Isle of Wight and uses old London Underground tube trains).

At the other end of the scale TransPennine Express trains have an average age of 4.25 years.


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  3. Well done on the blog, passengers deserve a voice. I commute daily into Liverpool St on the Cambridge service - service is poor, trains clapped-out etc etc. NXEA publicity is currently touting new clean longer air conditioned trains for 2011, yes - BUT - only if you happen to be lucky enough to be flying into Stansted, or if you happen to live in Bishops Stortford or Harlow. The rest of us using the intermediate stations will have to continue living with the old dirty 30 year old carriages and even slower services. I've recently set up a forum for London bound commuters like us, where we can all share the pain! It's at:

    Feel free to come and join the community. Cheers.