Friday, 17 August 2012

The "Cancelled" 05:54

For the second time in recent months we have had another instance of a train being "cancelled" only for passengers to see it hurtle through Manningtree station less than half empty.  Yesterday's 5:54 ex Manningtree to Liverpool Street was "cancelled" due to Level Crossing problems at Diss.  However the train passed through Manningtree (and Colchester too).  As before, a passenger from Stowmarket who uses this train confirmed there were less than 10 passengers in their carriage - this in a train with standing room only on a normal day. 

The MRUA understands that the Controller took this action as the train was running 17 minutes late and there was a danger of the return service being delayed.  A cynic may think this demonstrates very clearly that statistics showing trains running on time are more important to Greater Anglia than providing good Customer Service.

The MRUA awaits a full explanation.

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