Monday, 7 December 2009

MRUA Manifesto for NXEA Replacement

Subject to final committee approval the MRUA will be raising the following points with local MPs and the Department for Transport as key areas that need to be addressed in the new franchise in 2011.

  • New trains for the London - Norwich route
  • Improved cleaning and servicing regime
  • The reintroduction of later 'last' trains
  • Retention of the fast service between London and Manningtree
  • Regulation of all fares and car parking charges
  • Amendment to the restrictions in evening peak travel
Information Systems:
  • Introduction of more up to date station information systems
  • New franchisee to press for improvements to the indicator boards at Liverpool Street
Car Parking:
  • Reduction in the cost of parking
  • An end to the relationship with NCP
  • An improvement in staff relations
Media and Public Relations:
  • A return to basic, relevant information sharing rather than 'spin'
  • The franchisee must be seen to be pressing for the significant infrastructure improvements that are required on the Great Eastern mainline
  • The franchisee must be seen to be more robust with suppliers such as Network Rail
If you feel there is anything that should be added, please contact the MRUA at

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