Saturday, 13 November 2010

Call For Rail Safety Review

Following on from predictions of more overcrowding on trains as more and more people are expected use the railways, the Chair of the Transport Select Committee has called for a review of passenger safety.  Louise Ellman is calling for Health & Safety legislation to be looked at again.

The Rail Safety and Standards Board, which is owned by the train operating companies, has denied safety is being compromised whilst admitting that overcrowding caused discomfort.

Apart from the obvious potential for disaster in the event of an accident, passengers are often to be  found passing out in cramped conditions on a daily basis.

Unlike planes and buses there are no legal restrictions on how packed a train can be.  However, the Office of Rail Regulation, which is in charge of keeping the railways safe, said overcrowding did not affect safety and pointed out that rail was the safest form of land transport.

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