Friday, 25 January 2013

Disabled Access At Manningtree - Progress?

The MRUA has been campaigning for a considerable time now to get disabled access at Manningtree Station improved.  Passengers transferring between platforms 2 & 3 can only do so via the subway which itself can only be accessed via steep, narrow stairs.

Those less able, parents with buggies and those with heavy luggage often struggle to negotiate these stairs without assistance and in some cases have to be escorted across the tracks by staff.  This problem has been exacerbated by the decision to all but stop direct services between Harwich and London thereby requiring passengers from Colchester and London to change platforms to get the connection to Harwich.

The MRUA has canvassed both district and county councils, together with Greater Anglia (and NXEA before them), Network Rail and Passenger Focus to get cross platform access improved.  We are encouraged therefore that Tendring District Council is at last in contact with Greater Anglia to progress the matter with the Community Leadership Partnership Committee taking responsibility.  We hope for swift progress now contact has been established.

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  1. My son has just moved into this area and I have been using this station. Can you tell me when disabled access will be installed as I have great difficulty in using the stairs, especially with a case,