Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Storm Damage

Now the dust has settled after the recent storm and the disruption it caused has finished, a couple of facts about the damage caused.  Firstly, over 240 trees fell on or close to tracks in the Greater Anglia region.  Over 40 of these were on the Braintree line alone. Whilst Network Rail have been clearing trees from near the railway in recent years there are still many on private land that can cause disruption in severe weather.

Secondly there were six instances of overhead wires being damage.  Experience has shown that wires coming down causes significant disruption at the best of times.  To have six instances at once stretches the resources of Network Rail to the limit.

Most passengers have been understanding of the problems caused by the weather with he biggest criticism being lack of communication.  However this seems to depend on where you were on the network as many have been complimentary of the information received.

The MRUA recommends passengers make use of the excellent Twitter service provided by Greater Anglia.  Even if you're not a Tweeter yet, it's worth setting up an account and just following @greateranglia for up to date information on services and a very prompt personal response to queries.

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